A note about online images:

......Many things affect the quality of the images that you see on your computer. Each computer monitor interprets digital information differently due to the infinite number of ways a monitor can be adjusted. The images that you see on these pages are not intended to be perfect representations of each original and unique artwork. We have done our best to put accurate image representations onto these pages. However, nothing beats seeing Scott's work in person!

.....The photos of the artwork were, for the most part* taken with an Olympus® C-2020 2.1 megapixel digital camera and an Olympus® C-4040 4.1 megapixel digital camera. They were prepared for the web using Adobe Photoshop®.

.....The images of the Block Prints have been adjusted for uniformity. The actual prints vary in tone and contrast. Each one is unique. The images on this site are meant to give the viewer a good idea of what the prints, drawings and paintings look like.

.....All attempts were made to provide the user with a good compromise between fast downloading of the images, and clear, highly detailed photgraphic representations of Scott Parker's work. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions. Please send them to: feedback@ScottWParker.com

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