Welcome to the Print Gallery of Scott W. Parker Studios.

In 2001 Scott embarked on a new artistic adventure. Inspired by works from the last century, Scott took his first cues from the urban landscape surrounding his downtown Chicago studio. Then he used this new medium to branch out and away from Chicago. Currently, working in New York, Scott has begun to create larger and more complex prints using a larger press. The work is really gaining depth and becoming more refined yet all the new prints retain Parker's signature style

Each of these original works are printed in extremely limited editions of twenty. Each print is numbered, signed by the artist and offered for sale with matte and includes authentication papers. If ordered soon enough, it is possible to secure an entire series of same numbered prints, but please call to verify this availability, as this opportunity will soon be gone.

For those new to the art of block printing, in brief, the process involved in the creation of these prints requires that a drawing is made to lay out the design. Next the drawing is transfered in reverse onto a printing block. Then the drawing is carved out of the block using fine carving techniques to achieve the correct perspective and create depth within the finished image.

Each of these early images is printed on Legion Strathing paper which is 13 inches by 10 inches. The matting is cut to fit the actual printed image. Authentication papers include the date of the printing, the print number, and a copy of the plate destruction proof, as well as other required information.

Pricing information can be found by following this link. Return to ScottWParker.com

Here on this page, are the first images created out of this exploration.

Digital Image Information