Funding for the Scott W. Parker National Parks Project and Beyond.
      There once was a time when a person could write a couple of letters and get 5 million dollars to research the social habits of the lower Columbian river Tse Tse fly. Those days are over. Scott Parker's two year National Parks Project has been funded privately. As in; no government grants, no footwear deal, no art supply sponsors. The exception being the donation of some outstanding camping gear from his friends at North Face. That's not to say that real funding, whether public or corporate wouldn't be appreciated, because it certainly would. As of now, Scott's making a big move to the friendly burrough of Manhatten in New York City. Not a great place to be a starving artist. You can help. How? How about buying artwork for your home or as a gift to friends or loved ones? Parker's New York move is going to bring him even more acclaim heaped on top of the national attention that he's beginning to receive from his completed National Park Project. As art buyers, we all know what that means. Help Scott make the transition to the Big Apple and help yourself or your family to an appreciating asset that can be enjoyed every day of the year!
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