From September 2002 to September 2004, artist
Scott W. Parker crisscrossed the country driving a specially-outfitted Jeep. He also travelled on foot, by kayak, by ferry and bush plane with a singular, visionary goal: to document the National Park Service’s 58 diverse National Parks, spanning from the Arctic Circle to the Virgin Islands, through painting, pastel drawing, photography and writing.

After completing the final 6 Alaskan National Parks, Scott returned with a huge collection of works in pastel and oil. The first showing of selected works took place in September 2004 at The Tam O'Neill Gallery in Denver. In December and January appropriately enough, Scott showed selected works from the National Park Project at the National Parks Conservation Association gallery in Seattle. March, April and May of 2005 a showing of 58 drawings was held at the City of Chicago's Gallery 37. To promote the show, Parker was interviewed in Chicago by NPR's Scott Simon. You can listen to the archived interview by clicking HERE.

Scott is driven by a deep desire to document the raw and natural beauty of each park from deep within its boundaries, off the beaten path, and far from the well-trodden park roads.

He hopes that those who have not had a chance to visit the parks first-hand will be able to, through his works, develop a sense of appreciation for these national treasures. His works have the power to foster a desire to learn more about these and other natural sanctuaries.

He also hopes that his bold adventure will inspire young artists to discover the world around them, interpreting what they see through their unique lens and creative style.

Scott’s itinerary, as well as a sampling of the hundreds of images in Scott’s National Parks Project portfolio, can be viewed through the link “Scott’s Itinerary and Works.”

What inspired Parker to leave his well-established and successful Chicago studio and housewares business to take on this project? Biography: Scott and the NPP.

Want more information on Scott’s project? About the NPP: Project Background.

Most of us can only dream of seeing all of our nation’s 58 designated National Parks. Now with Scott’s help, we can get a sense of the magnificent gift our nation’s leaders created for our and future generations. Hopefully, you’ll want to learn more about our parks and how to help preserve them for the future. Perhaps you can bring Scott’s scenes to life by visiting the parks in which Scott has found so much beauty and diversity.

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