New for Friends of Parker

Here is something we would like to try:
Create an email list of Parker aficionados.

An important aspect of art appreciation is the group experience.
It helps artists to know how their work is received, and indeed it deepens the artistic experience for artist and viewer alike.
A monthly or bi-weekly emailed newsletter is what we're thinking.

Included would be news about projects on which Scott is currently working. Also included would be notices of exhibitions, both local Chicago shows as well as travelling shows that Parker would like his friends to consider attending. Book suggestions, news items, heck we might even throw in recipe for "Beer Can Chicken"!

In any case, we promise not to divulge anyone's email address to third parties, and we also promise to keep the messages brief and infrequent!

If you would be interested in signing up for such a list you should know this: ALL LIST RECIPIENTS WILL GET A FREE "INCENTIVE"!
To find out more, go to the sign-up form by clicking HERE.

The form below will let us know where you are, so we can send you your email with the "Chicago's Bascule Bridges" screensaver. Please remember that you requested it, as the screensaver will be attached to an email from Scott W. Parker's website. The message will include directions for installing your new screensaver.

If you would also like to receive Scott W. Parker's postcard notifications, please fill out your mailing address as well, and we'll put you on his list.

Thank you for your support!


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